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As a long time recruiter and recruiter manager, a large percentage of the jobs I fill are in the “hidden job market.” That means there is not yet a job description written and posted.

Why does this happen? Not because we want to hide jobs from anyone but simply because we are busy. It’s much easier for an executive or HR person who knows me, has worked with me many years and knows I know the type of people they need to just tell me, “We need another Java Software Engineer.” Or, “Do you know a good DevOps person / Electrical Engineer / Product Manager, etc?

Add to that the goal is usually to QUICKLY fill the role. And while writing and posting jobs is a great tool, the number of irrelevant responses is incredibly high, taking even more time. Personally, my first step is to go to my tried and true connections and check with people I know will be interested. That gets faster results. Writing and posting jobs comes later, if I haven’t already found someone.

For these reasons, the majority of my jobs are not posted. If you want to be considered for these roles, use the BUTTON BELOW to send your  RESUME,    contact info,   locations    you want to consider – including remote, contract or perm preference and anything else important to you. I don’t have time for an immediate, personal conversation with each person but I will keep you in mind when interesting roles open up.

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