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At KinnX Recruiting™ we make your life easier! We work to deeply understand your goals. Whether it is finding the right people for your team or obtaining an exciting new job for yourself,  KinnX Recruiting™ can help.

With years of industry experience and true concern for clients we give you only the best, on-target matches to fill your jobs or to get you involved in your next, exciting role.  Contact us today and let us know your vision. We will strategize together and figure out how to get you there!



KinnX Recruiting™ is a full service recruiting company specializing in tech companies and tech divisions of companies.

Whether you need to find great talent for your team or are seeking a new role for yourself we’ve got you covered.  The positions we fill range from individual contributor, to manager all the way up to C-Level execs.  We cover a wide range of positions, including software, firmware and hardware engineering, quality assurance/test/QE, manufacturing, IT/networking, product marketing, product management, sales and more – all centered around technology companies or technology divisions of companies.  Find out how we can help you today!  Contact us now.

Hire Great People for Your Team

Hire great people for your team!  KinnX Recruiting™ can find you the best individual contributors, managers or even C-Level execs!  We are there with you every step of the way, from strategizing to closing to celebrating your great, new hires.  Contact us now to discuss your needs and find out how we can make your life easier!  Call, email or message us here today.


Find a Job

Let KinnX Recruiting™ help you find a job you LOVE!  We carefully match opportunities with your experience, goals and career path and only refer you to the best options. Please send your resume and contact info so we can help you find the ideal, next step to match your goals!  You can also see a select list of featured jobs by clicking the link to the KinnX Recruting™ Job Board below.

“Hidden Job Market” Jobs:  A majority of KinnX Recruiting™ jobs are not posted online, due to formal job descriptions not yet being written or similar timing reasons. Please send your resume to be the first considered for these exciting, “‘hidden job market’ jobs!”

Job Board:  Click here to view a select list of jobs on the KinnX Recruiting™ Job Board.



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